Candidate for Queensbury Supervisor at Large

Paid for by Friends of Robin Larkin

Many people wonder “What is the Warren County board of supervisors?” Here is the description from the county website:

“The Warren County Board of Supervisors functions in accordance with rules and regulations established under the New York State Constitution and State laws. It acts as both the legislative and executive branches of County government. The Board of Supervisors consists of twenty supervisors that are elected every two years (or four years in the case of the Town of Chester and the Town of Warrensburg). At the first meeting of the year, a Chair is selected, who presides at all the meetings and appoints standing and special committees. Queensbury has five supervisors, one Town Supervisor and four County Supervisors. Each of the other ten towns have one supervisor.”

Why am I running for Supervisor at Large? The answer is twofold: 1) we have a mental health crisis in our county that negatively impacts everything from employment gaps to incarceration rates to family crises to managing county resources. As a Mental Health Counselor, I bring experience and knowledge in this arena that will help the county successfully navigate through this crisis 2) I am a trained expert at collaboration and facilitation and will bring these skills to improve the efficiency and efficacy of every meeting I attend and committee I sit on, whether related to Mental Health or Criminal Justice & Public Safety.  We have many excellent people working hard in these fields and as a skilled collaborator and facilitator, I can bring them to the table to find solutions and implement them. This skill will be in use at every meeting I attend. Collaboration is built upon active listening skills and I not only use them in my daily work, I am trained to help others develop them as well. This will improve the functioning of the county board because:

Consensus and compromise create a cohesive and vibrant county board.

A vibrant board creates a vibrant county.

Donations: make check to: Friends of Robin Larkin  and mail to 137 Warren St Glens Falls NY 12801

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