REAP – RE-Imagine Anger

REAP is a 26 week women’s group that meets weekly for both mandatory and voluntary participants who want to change the way they behave in their relationships.

Thursday evenings

Glens Falls

Joe San Antonio LMSW and Robin Larkin LMHC created REAP which is a group experience that is designed to build insight of self and shift communication of thoughts, feelings, and actions from destructive to productive.

  • Group members will engage in a 26-week program
  • This group will provide members with the opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings, and actions in a safe setting
  • Group members, along with both facilitators, will have the opportunity to provide and receive constructive feedback.
  • Group members will learn the importance of productive communication styles and ways to achieve them. 

If you struggle with anger in your relationship(s), REAP can help you learn new coping skills and productive ways of relating. 

As we say all the time in REAP: “Anger isn’t the problem it’s what you do with your anger that gets people in trouble.”

Contact info:

Robin Larkin LMHC 518-982-9262 or

Joe San Antonio LMSW  518.812.6322 or

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