Robin Schneider Larkin LMHC


Therapist, Weaver, and Author

In order to live a fulfilling authentic life, I believe  people need to figure out what makes their lives better and then make a conscious decision to do more of that. Over the past 15 years, I have worked hard to determine what my authentic life looks like and took steps towards creating it. To that end, I have written two books, re-started my weaving business, and gotten my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling to work as a therapist.

Why those three things?
  1. I need to be creative. Creating my hand woven designs and weaving them makes my creative spirit happy.
  2. I need to use my active mind. I enjoy the process of writing and believe I have helpful information to share.
  3. I need to feel useful. I am a mental health counselor because I enjoy listening to people’s stories and it’s rewarding to help people get where they want to go.
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Next Date:

Flourishing Workshop

WHY: Flourishing in these 4 areas of life: Health, Relationships, Work and Leisure, improves your overall life satisfaction and well-being

HOW: Robin Larkin, LMHC and author will guide workshop participants through an introductory journey of how living more intentionally and better knowing yourself empower you to flourish in your Health, Relationships, Work and Leisure, improving your overall life satisfaction and emotional well-being.  Her book Stop Talking to Yourself and Start Listening will be the foundation for the workshop. 

Your Guide: Robin M. Larkin, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author, Parent and Spouse

                        Will be joined by Sarah Avery D.P.T. and PYT

WHEN: January 29, 2022   HOURS: 9-4   WHERE: Saratoga Springs, NY

Workshop Cost: $85 per participant; $75 early bird pricing by 12/15

Contact: Robin: or 518-982-9262 or

Sarah: or 315-323-3153

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