Color My Loom

I have been weaving since 1999. As a young girl, I read the Laura Ingalls Wilder book Farmer Boy. In the book, Almanzo’s mother spins the wool from their sheep and weaves cloth for their clothing. I loved that idea – from sheep to clothing! I have not yet kept sheep or learned to spin, but weaving is a treasured pastime. In 2003, I launched Color My Loom and sold my handwoven clothing and accessories at craft shows around the North East. In 2012, I decided to pursue another passion of mine: psychology. I put the weaving business on hold while I went to college. I began weaving again after graduation and am thrilled to be in front of my loom again. I have a few favorite designs that I will continue to weave for shows.

Contact me at to purchase.

Baby Blankets. 100% cotton, machine wash delicate, flat to dry. $45.00


Ponchos are woven in either cotton  $100.00

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