Mindful eating

Mindfulness is quite the buzz word these days. And unlike some trends this one needs to stay. Mindfulness is about bringing your full awareness to whatever you’re doing, without judgment. Mindful eating, therefore is eating without distractions which allows you to absorb the sounds, flavors and scents of the food that are nourishing your body. If you’re like me, eating without distractions is a tall order. My mind struggles to stay present on just one thing so eating and reading is a common habit for me. But I’m trying to change my ways. I believe that paying attention to where our food comes from is part of mindfulness. If I go to the trouble of seeking out local producers and growers, I want to really enjoy that food. If I go to the trouble of making a dish or a cup of tea, I want to enjoy it and not mindlessly consume it.

Today I drank literally the best cup of tea ever. And I mindfully drank it because I wanted it to last as long as possible. I discovered the below elixir at the Spa City farmers’ market and I’m addicted. It is so good and I believe it’s helped me stay healthy this winter too. I add a teaspoon to my daily tea every morning.

elixirI was running errands and while at a stop light I took a sip from my travel mug. Mint green tea with ginger, lemon, & honey elixir and a small spoonful of Pleasant Valley apiary honey. So good. I know running errands and drinking tea is not a mindful practice. But I took the time to savor each and every sip.

Whether it’s a cup of tea, dessert or your daily breakfast ritual, slow down and enjoy each bite. Allow your food to nourish your mind and body.


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