Improve your success rate

I encourage my clients to set goals and to make them attainable. I read the following article and felt they were goals to work towards.

Five servings of vegetables a day seemed like a big hurdle. So I thought about it and made buying a lot of veggies my first goal. I spent $20 at the farm market on winter veggies. Then I took 30 minutes and shredded the beets and carrots for salad during the week. Monday morning I threw together a salad adding spinach, white beans and feta. YUM! “That makes 3 towards my goal.” I only ended up having one serving at dinner so my daily count was 4. And that is OK because my old count was 3. So 4 is better than 3 and I LIKED my salad a lot. So I am more likely to continue moving towards my goal. Even if I don’t attain it every day, I am still increasing my vegetables intake.

My point: your goals are going to take time. I think it’s important in life and in therapy to have wins along the way. It keeps our spirits up and progress is progress regardless.

What’s a goal you would like to accomplish? What’s a small step you can take towards it to have that win and increase long term success?

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