First week

The first week was a success! I set a goal of 50% of my meals being grown or produced within 100 miles of my home and I reached it. It could have been a total fail, but Sunday I persevered and instead of having an at home day I went to the farmers market in the morning. Over the long holiday week, I did not have one day spent at home and relaxing and I really wanted to not get out of my pajamas all day. But buying local is my focused value for the year so hubby and I rallied and headed up to the farmers market. There is not a lot growing in Upstate NY this time of year but we found enough goodies to last all week.


Breakfast: Apples from Saratoga apple (SCFM and GFFM), yogurt from Green Mountain Creamery (H), and honey from Pleasant Valley Apiary (GFFM). I added ground flax seed and nuts which are not local. Found at: Spa City Farmers’ Market (SCFM), Glens Falls Farmers’ market (GFFM), and Hannaford (H) for the yogurt.

Lunch: Kale, avocado, feta, and basil and beet sprout salad. Kale and basil and beet sprouts (SCFM). Feta R & G cheese makers (H, Price Chopper, and Four Season natural food store (FSNS)). The avocado and the dressing were not local.

Dinners: Broccoli, leek, chicken sausage and mozzarella – one night with pasta and one night without. Leek (SCFM) and R & G cheese makers mozzarella (FSNS). The chicken sausage and the broccoli were not local. just made 50% đŸ˜‰

Carrot and ginger soup with cheese and crackers – Carrots and onions (SCFM) and Nettle Meadows amber kunik cheese (SCFM). The broth, crackers and the dried ginger were not local.





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