Smaller market but bigger haul.

We went to a different farmers’ market this weekend. I usually hit the Sunday Saratoga market called the Spa City market. I really enjoy and find helpful a ginger lemon honey elixir from Moon Garden Teas and Herbals that I can only find at the Spa City market. But I didn’t feel like driving that far, so we went to the Glens Falls farmers’ market instead. Although, it is smaller it packed a punch. Saratoga Apple is at both markets so I got my apples for breakfast. Leeks, carrots, kohlrabi, salad greens, potatoes, and a baguette went in my basket. Lamb shanks for hubby and chicken for me were our protein picks as well as scallops and smoked salmon from the fishmonger. I try and purchase fish from Long Island or Rhode Island to get it from as close as possible and the scallops were from LI (200 miles). I don’t know where the salmon is from, because I was so excited to see smoked salmon I purchased without asking. Hubby’s half and half for his coffee came from Battenkill creamery. Their farm market products come in glass bottles which you pay a deposit on and then return when you want more. Buying our food this way does mean I have to go to two stores for our groceries. It’s worth it to me. The farm market is fun for us so it doesn’t feel like a chore. At Hannaford, I made sure to get my Argyle eggs, VT yogurt, and Heidelberg bakery bread.


My favorite dish was the broccoli and bread. I made the bruschetta slices by brushing seasoned olive oil on slices of the baguette and baking at 325 for 8 minutes per side or until golden brown and crisp. I sautéed leek and broccoli in olive oil with garlic until the broccoli was tender but still bright green. I added half and half and let it simmer until reduced by half. I took it off the heat and grated in pecorino romano. It was so good. The scallops were delicious just sautéed in olive oil with some salt and pepper then finished with a white wine reduction.

The salads were a nice break from all the typical heavy Winter food and the smoked salmon did not disappoint. I am glad to realize that the desire I had to eat more local has actually been more delicious and interesting than expected. Good for the planet and good for me!

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