Arizona beans

I was on vacation last week so there was no farm market run and therefore no fresh food in the house when we returned. I hit the grocery store on Saturday in preparation for the snowstorm on Sunday. I was still in vacation mood when I went shopping so my cart was a little light on healthy food. On Sunday with time on my hands, I went into the pantry and saw the beans my brother had sent me from Arizona. He and his wife recently retired there, and I have been enjoying the pictures of his farm market finds. He had sent me 2 kinds of dried beans grown in Arizona; moon beans and Christmas Limas. I don’t normally make my bean dishes with dried beans so was nervous about cooking them and had been putting it off with the age old excuse “I don’t have time.” Well with 2 feet of snow falling, I had nothing but time so I pulled out the moon beans and got cooking. Well I got soaking and then cooking because there is a timely process to cooking beans.

There are a lot of things I like about giving this 100 mile diet a try, but the best thing is how it pushes me to try new things. I like carrots but carrot soup? Probably wouldn’t have happened. Making soup from dried beans grown in my brother’s new home state is another first. And I have been enjoying the fruits of my labor (and the farmer’s) for the past few days. If you head out to the farm market and find something new to enjoy, please share it with us!

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