Values and transformation


I biked to work yesterday. I have had a plan to bike to work as much as the weather allows since I moved to my current home. That was 2 years ago. I have this plan because one of my highest values is taking care of the environment. And I really like to bike. So, for the past 2 years I came up with lots of excuses. Excuses to not do something that is closely aligned with your values gets in the way of improved emotional well-being. I talk often about how setting boundaries is important because it shows we value ourselves. When we value ourselves we increase emotional well-being. Well, what better way to increase well being than by setting boundaries with our self to stop the excuses and instead transform our lives to meet our highest values. Mine is the environment. Yours is something else I’m sure. As it should be. This post isn’t about being a steward of the Earth. It’s about being a steward to your values.

When we live our life in a way that honors our values, we feel better overall. We can transform our emotional and mental life by living a life that honors our values. To be clear, this is a solo journey for the most part. It’s nice to have people in your life  who share your vision and values, but it’s not necessary in order to live your life to your highest values. And bonus: when we are living our life to our own value system we have higher levels of well-being. This means when others are moving through life in a way that is in contradiction to our values, it affects us less. You will be less angry and disgruntled by other people if your sailing through life on a course of your own making. Sometimes, a conversation may be necessary to honor your values and that’s OK. You’ll be able to have the conversation from a place of authenticity and comfort because you’re in an authentic place. What are your highest values? How can you transform your life to honor them?

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