Therapy – Is it for me?

As we move through this very difficult time, I know there are a lot of people considering therapy who have never done so before. You might be wondering if it’s something you should try. You might be wondering what happens at a therapy appointment. I’ve heard twice this past week “I don’t know if I fit the criteria for someone needing therapy.”

So I thought I would address this subject. The first thought that comes to the mind of this mental health professional is: “If you think you need therapy, you will benefit from therapy.” Do you need it? That’s a judgement call. I can say if you find the right therapist for you, therapy will be beneficial. You don’t need to have an hours worth of stuff to talk about, and we don’t compare your issues to others’. If something is bothering you, that is valid and worth a discussion with a trusted professional.

What happens at an initial therapy appointment? It varies from therapist to therapist. If you make an appointment with me, you’ll fill out a little paperwork and pay your fee. Then we will get to know each other. I know that it’s hard to open up to someone you just met. My goal for that first appointment is for us to get to know each other so you can decide if you would want to work with me. I also get a sense of what’s troubling you and if I’m a good fit and have the skills necessary to get you where you want to go. At the end of the session, I ask if you would like to make another appointment. If the answer is yes, together we decide if we’ll meet weekly or bi-weekly to start. This depends on your needs, time and financial constraints and my professional opinion. If the answer is no, we say goodbye and you look for someone else.

I believe my clients in general, know what they need to do to get where they want to go. We set the path and begin walking it together. If you don’t know for sure what’s wrong, that’s okay too. With kindness and curiosity, we will figure it out.

I hope this finds you well and flourishing. If not, consider therapy as a tool to get there.


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