Comfort Zones

Life often presents opportunities that will give you the chance to step out of your comfort zone. Frankly, right now those opportunities are plentiful. How we view those opportunities, for example what our immediate thoughts are when they present tells you how you feel about stepping out of your comfort zone. Be mindful of those immediate thoughts and feelings. “Be mindful” doesn’t mean you have to do what your immediate thoughts say, it means listen to them (listen to yourself) and then work through a decision.

Every choice does not have to be a yes. Just like every choice does not have to be a no. Listen to yourself. Have a plan that you’re working towards and your yes or no will be easier. Stay mindful as to where you are in your journey and what your trail looks like right then. Maybe there have been too many rocks and sticks on your path recently and no is the right choice. Or maybe you’re ready for a challenge so a yes is the right choice. Listen to yourself and the choice becomes easier.


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