Pivot is my word for 2020. Pivot is defined as a turning or shifting of direction. Therefore in this time of a worldwide pandemic which has prompted worldwide economic, social, and emotional unheaval, learning to pivot can be a useful tool. In other words, learn to let go of rigid or inflexible thinking. There is a way you “always” used to do something i.e. went to the gym to exercise, went to the bar to socialize, went out to dinner for date night, ran your business a certain way; well the world has changed and you need to pivot in order to be successful.

Some people can pivot easier than others. I did not used to pivot well. Actually I did not pivot at all. I had meltdowns and temper tantrums and went kicking and screaming in the new direction. And then I did a lot of therapy and started practicing meditation and realized the joys of pivoting. I found out that there are a lot of advantages to pivoting on the trail when it gets muddy or dangerous. Sometimes the different trail I wasn’t expecting to use holds fabulous treasures or at least different views than I was used to. I often use hiking metaphors in my work with clients because so many of them enjoy the outdoors, but if hiking isn’t your thing see if you can create your own metaphor.

Sometimes life is hard. And sometimes we make it harder by being rigid or inflexible in our thinking. Pivot and try a different path or thought and give different a try. I often say to my clients “If you want things to be different, you need to do different.” So how can you pivot on your trail and do different?


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