Less Projects, More Fun

I said this yesterday to a neighbor in response to his comment “There’s always a project.” In his case it was a necessary project and it looked like quite the bonding opportunity as well. But it got me thinking as I paddled away (more fun) about this idea that we “need” to do our projects. We always need to be doing something. I wrote in my 2nd book about simplifying our lives to help us make decisions and finetune choices (chapter 7). Simplifying your to-do list is one way to add fun or increase your emotional well being. One of the silver linings from Covid I hear from a lot of my Mom friends is how they love not having to be driving their kid to practice or games ALL the time. They are relishing those family dinners and time to relax and the chance to put something other than team sports first.

So how can you have less projects and more fun? Be mindful with your time. And if you are someone who can’t sit still or always has to be doing something – reach out to a therapist. That is called an inability to sit with the uncomfortable. And a qualified psychotherapist can help you learn to do that. Yes there are things that have get done – like my neighbor’s project. And there are lots of things we put on our to-do list because we think it “should” be done or that’s just the way it is.

Make that to-do list with intention. Craft your life and your family’s life with intention. It’s your life and your to-do list should match your values and your goals for your life. Less projects, more fun will then be a natural outcome.

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